Wooden Hangers

Our fine-quality Wooden Hangers made your wardrobe beautiful.


Wooden Trouser Hanger H004

Wooden trouser hanger with both sides metal clips.

  • Fine Quality.
  • Specially for Skirts & Trouser.
  • Size 33cm. 
Regular price Rs.120.00

Wooden Shirt Hangers H35519

Wooden shirt hanger with trouser sport. Best for lightweight garments home, hotels, displays.

  • Normal Quality.
  • Standard Size.
Regular price Rs.140.00

Wooden Kids Shirt Hanger H08-25

Wooden Kids Shirt Hanger with trouser sport.

  • Natural Brown Color.
  • Best Quality.
  • Standard Size.
Regular price Rs.110.00

Wooden Trouser Hanger H08-20

Wooden Trouser Hanger use for Trousers Skirt with Solid Clips

Regular price Rs.225.00

Wooden Trouser Hanger H3555

Wooden trouser hanger with both sides black metal clips and hook. Especially for display, hotels, home. 

  • Best Quality.
  • Dark Walnut brown color.
  • Matt Finished. 
Regular price Rs.150.00

Wooden Shirt Hangers H3554

High Quality Wooden Shirt Hanger with Black Hook,

Rubber Coated Stick,

Speiclly for (display, hotels, home), 

Regular price Rs.190.00

Wooden Shirt Hangers H002

Wooden shirt hangers without trouser sport. Especially for (Shirts, Teeshirts, polos).

  • Best quality 

Regular price Rs.120.00

Wooden Shirt Hangers H08-8

Wooden shirt hanger with a rotatable metal hook with a punch lock and rubber covered trouser Sport.

  • Standard Adult Size.
  • Best Quality.
Regular price Rs.180.00

Wooden Space organizer Hanger H08-27

Wooden Space organizer Hanger, 

stylish design made with best quality wood & steel,

multi purpose use for shirt,

tee shirts, trousers, etc  

Regular price Rs.950.00

Wooden Suiting Hangers H001

Wooden Suiting Hangers without Stick

Best Quality, Specially for coats

jackets, blazers 

We will Charge 20 Each for Side Grips

Regular price Rs.390.00

Wooden Suiting Hangers H269-2

Stylish design Wooden Broad shoulder suiting hanger. Broad Shoulder Especially for (jackets, coats, blazers, trousers.)  engraved Ruber Coated unbreakable trouser sport.

  • Premium quality wood.
  • Glossy finished. 
  • Unique design.
Regular price Rs.900.00

Wooden Suiting Hangers H012

Wooden curved shoulder suiting hanger with lockable trouser sport. Walnut matt finishes color with golden wire hook make the executive look. Especially for executive offices and hotels.

  • Walnut Color.
  • Matt Finished.
  • Best Quality Wood.
  • ...
Regular price Rs.400.00

Wooden Suiting Hangers H003-1

Wooden broad shoulder suiting hanger with rubber-coated trouser sport. Broad Shoulder Especially for Coats Jackets teeshirts and trousers.

  • Best Quality.
  • Standard Size.

Regular price Rs.380.00

Wood & Metal Trouser Hanger

Metal Trouser Hanger with the wooden part. Both sides metal clips with the best grip. That makes your display perfect.

  • Best quality.
  • Stylish Design.
Regular price Rs.290.00

Wood & Metal Shirt Hanger H014

High Quality Metal Shirt Hanger with broad shoulder covered with Ruber Grip
Regular price Rs.320.00

Wooden Suiting Hangers H269-3

High Quality stylish design Wooden Suiting Hanger, Broad Shoulder Speically for (jackets, coats, blazers, trousers.)  engraved Ruber Coated unbreakalbe Stick, perimium quality wood, Glossy finished.

Regular price Rs.900.00