Pads & Chest Pieces

Pads & Chest Pieces


Shoulder Pads NY-658

Hair cloth shoulder pads specially for Men's and women's jackets, blazers, coats.
  • High Quality.
  • Perfect size for your style.
  • Best for exclusive or formal men's wear.
Regular price Rs.120.00

Felt Shoulder Pads A1752

Felt shoulder pad with multiple lairs. especially for men's and women's jackets, blazers, coats.

  • Best Quality.
  • Perfect for ready to wear garments. 
Regular price Rs.80.00

Bust Pad Half Moon Shape

Bust Pads are basic fabric-covered foam pads, Specially used in women's garments like (blouses, corsets, bras) to create a figures smoother and more attractive bust lines. 
Regular price Rs.85.00

Kimono Shoulder Pads

Kimono shoulder pads is a very lightweight Shoulder pad. One size fits most. Perfect with anything underneath. 
Regular price Rs.65.00

Chest piece NYCP314P-BC41

A chest piece is arguably the most important component of a suit. The chest piece is the section of fabric, either sewn or glued, towards the top front of the coat that...
Regular price Rs.300.00

Underwire For Bra

Underwire bras do provide more support and shape,Underwire bras are designed to bring your weight closer to the front, while also slightly lifting them upwards. They compass your entire bra tissues, which also gives a lift and desirable round shape.

  • 3 Dif...
Regular price Rs.60.00