Draping Pin Crown Fox China

Dress Maker Draping Pin Perfect for more knit fabrics
Point is rounded so it slips between the loops of the fabric and doesn’t pierce or pull the yarns.

  • 1.25 inches long needle.
  • 25 grams packing (200)pins.
  • Beautiful case with pin cushion.
  • Normal Quali...
Regular price Rs.150.00

Plastic Needle Threader 01

Plastic Easy Sewing needle threader tool for Hand sewing Needles & Sewing Machine Needles

  1. Easy to use
  2. Multi Colors
  3. Flower Shap...
Regular price Rs.20.00

Hand Sewing Needle

Regal Nickel Plated hand sewing needle is made from high quality material to maximize usage. It is suitable for both home and industry use.

  • 15 needles in Pack.
Regular price Rs.20.00

N0518 Silver Assorted

Different Size Needles  N0518 Silver Assorted.

  • Different sizes and styles are made to handle various projects such as general sewing, embroidery, mending tears, hemming clothing, and more
Regular price Rs.180.00

Pearl Head Pins Round Plastic Sleeve

Pearl Head Pins 

  • Pin Size 1-1/2" long with pearl.
  • 40 pins in round plastic sleeve.
  • Different Colored.
Regular price Rs.90.00

Pin Cushion PCW

HAND PIN CUSHION WITH WRISTBAND: Each pincushion comes with an elastic wristband for easy sewing and quilting. Wrist pincushion can help free your hands and improve the work efficiency, saving time to hold and find the cushion pins.

  • Available in two designs.
  • Best Quality....
Regular price Rs.125.00

Stitch Holder ENEEDLE Large

High Quality Multi-Colored Locking Stitch Markers Knitting Crochet Counter Stitch Needle Clip. Using these locking ring stitch markers in knitting, weaving, crocheting, DIY arts and craft projects or scrap booking as well.

  • Available in Multi Color.
  • Available in two Sizes....

Crochet Hook Wool CHWAL1S

Precision-Crafted Quality assures a fine finish and accuracy of gauge. Well polished,  threads and yarns slide easily through the surface of these hooks of aluminium.

  • Available in different Sizes.
  • available in two colors
Regular price Rs.80.00

Pearl Head Pins Crown Fox Box

Pearl Head Pins is used for Draping, Packing, in home, fashion, textiles and garments industry.

  • Pearl head size 4mm.
  • Pin size 1-1/32" long.
  • 1000 pcs in box.
  • High quality plating.
  • Rust proof.
Regular price Rs.700.00

Stitch Holder

Regular price Rs.125.00

Knitting Needle KNDP5

Knitting Needles in high quality are created with the properties of the finest Natural bamboo.

  • Available in different size.
  • Available in one color only.
  • 5 pieces in one packet.
Regular price Rs.285.00

Crochet Hooking Needles CHWF

Crochet Hooking Needles Wool Fancy with Plastic Grips with a Good Quality Grip and fine quality.

  • Available in Different Sizes.
  • Price is mentioned per packet.
  • Available in multi Colors .
Regular price Rs.850.00

Circular Knitting Needles CKN

WHY choose our knitting kit - the join of the needle & cables are smooth and sturdy. Not break easily or snag yarns like other products. 

  • Available in different sizes.
  • In Grey Color Only
  • Best Quality.
    Regular price Rs.180.00

    Curved Needle Silver 6 CM

    Square Needle With Leather work Curved Needle Silver 6 CM.

    • Use sizes 3" and 4" for slip stitching cushions and attaching outer-fabric sections
    • Use 5" for seat work (bridle ties) and box edges
    • Use 6 inches for edge rolls and stitching burlap to spring.
    Regular price Rs.25.00

    Circular knitting Needles CKNS

    WHY choose our knitting kit - the join of the needle & cables are smooth and sturdy. Not break easily or snag yarns like other products. super light and provide a smooth ride for your stitches.

    • Available in diff...
    Regular price Rs.220.00